How to Use Treadmill Control Panel?

The majority of treadmill users like its flexibility no matter the user’s physical condition. Not minding your figure, size, and age, you can use a treadmill per your needs. The treadmill control panel makes it easier for you to use the machine so that you will be able to get the most satisfactory result. How to use a treadmill control panel? Step by step guide is mentioned below.

How You Can Use A Treadmill Control Panel

If you want to learn how to use a treadmill control board, you are at the right place. This piece reveals the details so that you will become an expert in a twinkle of an eye.

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The 9 Simple Steps of Using Control Panel

Using a treadmill control panel is as easy as ABC once you know the methods to follow. Here are the 9 steps to follow if you want to become an expert in treadmill controls.

1. Read the Instruction Manual

It is important to read the treadmill user manual to get used to the functions of its control panel. If you are in the gym, seeking help from the trainer is not a bad idea. A trainer will be in the best position to guide you, and this will speed up the learning process.

You should be familiar with speed and incline increases before starting the machine. Also, you should be familiar with frequently used buttons such as on/off buttons as well as manual buttons, and other treadmill settings.

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2. Ensure Safety

Safety is an issue you should not toy with, hence, knowing the location of the emergency button is very important. This will enable you to quickly shut down the machine in case of any emergency. Some treadmills come with a red-colored safety key, which is very crucial in times of emergency. Their proper use guarantees maximum safety during workouts.

3. Start the Treadmill

Start the Treadmill

To start the machine, just press the ‘Start’ or ‘On’ button, and you are good to go.

4. Adjust the Height of the Control Panel

To adjust the height of the control panel, look for the ‘Height Up’ and ‘Height Down’ on the panel, and alter according to your desire. Make sure to set the height that will be most convenient for you to get the most satisfactory outcome. Press ‘Height Up’ to increase the height, and ‘Height Down’ to reduce the height.

5. Start the Treadmill Belt

Again, you need to press the ‘On’ or ‘Start’ button to make the belt operational. You need to note that the belt’s speed will be slow due to the in-built preset programs. By default, the speed will be around 6 mph, but this should not bother you too much because you can increase speed as you like.

6. Choose a Program

If you are new to this machine, you should start with the preset program to get used to it. You will be taken through vital levels such as exercises, warm-ups, cool-down, and so on, making it possible for you to get used to the machine without much hassle.

7. Adjust Speed

As soon as you get used to the machine, you can alter the speed to meet your expectations. Just look for the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ arrows on the control panel, specifically in the ‘Speed’ section. Press the ‘Up’ arrow to increase the speed, and the ‘Down’ arrow to decrease the speed. It is very easy to use, and you won’t experience any problem when changing speed.

8. Take a Test Run

Before exercising on the treadmill, it is advisable to take a test run. Start from the first step, and progress one after the other until you get to the last step. Take note of the whole process to be sure that things are going on normally.

9. Walk


After the test run and everything seems to be okay, you can start walking on the treadmill. You must ensure that your fitness goal is given top priority as it determines the direction of your workouts.

Things You Need To Know

Staring at the treadmill’s desk control can intimidate you. But if you are focused on the key buttons, such as ‘On’/’Off’ without fidgeting, you will be able to operate them with ease. You will get many options when you want to choose a program but you should not let this give you any reason to worry. The preset program is your sure bet as a beginner because it will help you to stay focused and get going with ease.

You should not forget that understanding a new panel is challenging, and frequent gym-goers know this. Hence, you should relax completely when you come across a new control panel. Stopping the treadmill anytime is a piece of cake. You only need to press the ‘Stop’ or ‘Off’ button, and you are good to go. If your machine comes with a red-colored safety key, you only need to pull out the key to quickly stop it.

Take note that an abrupt stop of the machine can lead to loss of some workout information, such as calories burnt and mileage covered. Also, you will need to reset your time spent, hence, you should record your time spent somewhere before an abrupt stop of the machine.

Besides, you should remember that the adjustment of the control panel’s height is possible if you follow the method mentioned above. This will enable you to use the panel at a height that is convenient for you for optimum effectiveness. It is also important to note that you should take extra caution when increasing the treadmill’s speed. You should not lose balance in the process so that you won’t injure yourself.


With this guide, you should be able to use a treadmill control panel seamlessly. Even if you are a starter, you won’t have issues operating it once you digest this guide properly. The steps to take have been revealed in this piece, and if you can follow them properly, there won’t be any problem with the operation.


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