Why are Curved Treadmills So Expensive?

According to research, manual curved treadmill technology is increasing in popularity across the world at a slow pace. Manufacturers have improved their system with features like TV and touch screens. The users can change the mode of speed, increasing and decreasing according to their body workout.

Nowadays, it’s possible to flick into playlists via the new technology, whether Spotify, YouTube, or iTunes. It is a self-powered machine, that’s why many gyms and fitness facilities prefer them.

What is a curved treadmill?

A curved treadmill is a modern machine type category commonly found at gyms or fitness and workout facilities designed to favor human movement, generally powered by the user’s legs. Electricity is not needed, and no speeding since it’s designed similarly to outdoor walking or running. An electric motor is not required because it allows users to pace style themselves naturally.

Users have the balls on their feet, which is a significant boost to their advantage. The manual curved treadmill will enable you to use muscle power more than the standard heel running strikes that many people commonly use. Friction from every stride you make helps pull the belt, making it move as per your comfortable pace.

At a glance, the best-curved treadmills in the market

Assault Fitness• User Weight: 350 lb
• Belt Life: 150, 000 mile
• Material: Metal
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RUNOW• User Weight: 287 pounds
• Material: Steel Alloy
• Weight:151.5 kg
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IN10CT• User Weight: 400 pounds
• Material: Steel Alloy
• Incline: 30%
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Reactive runner• User Weight: 350 pounds
• Material: Steel
• Weight:395 pounds
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NOHrD• User Weight: 353 pounds
• Incline: 30%
• Cover length: 63 inches
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SpeeFfit• User Weight: 400 pounds
• Colour: Silver
• Weight:140kg
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DKC Curved• User Weight: 330 pounds
• Incline: 30%
• Speed: 22km/h
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How does curved treadmill work?

The force from running exploration and gravity makes the curved treadmill mechanically works through a mixture of friction, the pressure from running inquiry, and gravity. Running makes the woodway treadmill move. Therefore you power the machine with your feet. Your pace drives the device, so it’s neither constant nor top speed levels. It is entirely manual.

Friction allows the wood way slat system with a belt to move smoothly and softly, and this makes it limitless on how slower or faster pace you can go. The use of a Curved treadmill is very similar to overground running due to its non-motorized character.

Even though curve treadmill running helps reduce the chances of stress on the runner’s legs due to the hilly ground reaction, this reduces force from vertical grounds. However, the uniqueness of the curve brings about no forces simply because they are flat. The ability to minimize horizontal friction is the core key is the bearing ball of the best-curved treadmill.

It is believed that exercise, body fitness, and workout should be natural, exciting, and purposeful; therefore self-driven treadmill is recommended due to its concurrence to the fitness ethos. Since it helps the body to move the way it’s supposed to, runners interested in sprinting should try out the curves treadmill because it’s perfect since you do not need to use a motor during the belt rotation with any constant speed in favor of sprinting.

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During training, you move your foot forward on the top part of the belt; this allows the leg to strike and drives the belt backward and gently down towards the curve. The curved surface during running exercise is made up of slats series instead of a long belt moving continuously on the treadmill’s surface.

The angle allows the belt to move as fast as you want to, unlike the motorized treadmills, which don’t feel normal. A regular treadmill has many moving parts, unlike the curved one has fewer. More so, you don’t need to worry about the electrical bill.

Top 7 best-curved treadmills review 2023

1. Assault Fitness

Assault fitness

Key Specifications:

  • Max User Weight: 350 lb
  • Belt Life: 150, 000 mile
  • Material: Metal
  • Dimensions: 69.9L x 32.8W x 64H inches
  • Weight: 280lb

The Assault Fitness brand is one of the lightest manual treadmills available in the market with a 33″ width. It is one of the best for interval fitness workouts. It is easy to change the pace of free will. Moreover, it has no speed limit. In terms of durability, it is reliable to last for many years. It is made of handrails and steel frame, therefore not easily corroded.

One of the curved treadmill types not commonly known, but extra special can burn more than 30% of its calories, unlike the motorized version. It’s created with the intention of intense mind in training, therefore tough to the user and at the same time environment friendly.

The machine performs as per the user’s energy during running. Consequently, no electrical bills and the footprints are lower with carbon. Through experience, you will be amazed at the amount of power that your own feet will produce.

The slat best on the running surface can more than 150000 miles. Maintenance is easier as compared to the other curved treadmill. It can carry up to a maximum weight of 350 pounds, which is extra special.


2. RUNOW Curved Treadmill

RUNOW Curved Treadmill

Key Specifications:

  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Maximum User Weight: 287 pounds
  • Dimensions:74 x 33 x 18 inches
  • Weight:151.5 kg

RUNOW Curved Treadmill is a manual self-propelled treadmill, which can either be used at home or for commercial uses. It is easily customized and therefore has no resistance to any adjustment, With this type of curved treadmill, it’s easy to run at your own desired pace, unlike the regular treadmill. More than 30% of the calories are consumed. It has no effect on the back, knees, and hips during the running session.

It does not require electricity to run due to its manual system. The user determines the pace and more, so speed adjustment is easy. It can be crucial for, may it be HIIT training, jogging, and sprinting. It has four paces manual adjustment to resist speed, has two easy-moving transporting wheels, and has a cup holder and a sideways armrest.

The machine is suitable for the elderly, office workers, athletes, runners, and sports fanatics. It has a simple character to operate. Therefore, no needs to press any button to lower or increase the running speed. The machine is equipped with an LCD screen of 5 inches, which helps track your calories, time, distance, speed, pace, watts, and load.

During training, it’s essential to track your achievement enabling goal achievement in workout training. It is made of metal and rubber, and the drag rubber acts as a shock absorber. Maintenance is easy due to its lower cost; moreover, it is a longer-lasting machine and sold with a 2-year warranty.


3. IN10CT Health Runner Curved Treadmill

IN10CT Health Runner Curved Treadmill

Key Specifications:

  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Maximum User Weight: 400 pounds
  • Maximum Incline: 30%
  • Dimensions:69L x 32W x 61.5H inches

It has a system with a unique dual bearing that makes an easier transition from running to walking. It has a rubber slat that provides comfort, unlike the traditional plastic slat. By comparison, the IN10CT Health Runner model is the best in performance than the regular treadmill. You can monitor your own pace and speed, burning 30% more calories than the regular motorized treadmill.

The running technique is better and ideal for HIIT training due to the ability to drive the engine and easy adjustment of the speed and pace at its own will. The curve workout machine is perfect for the marathon runner, and it’s of benefit by helping to avoid the challenges from the ground road.

You can track your distance, pace, heart rate, time, and calories which is an advantage for users. It is also equipped with rubber shock absorbers which help to reduce injuries.


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4. Reactive runner

Reactive runner

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum User Weight: 350 pounds
  • Material: Steel
  • Max incline: 30%
  • Dimensions:74L x 37W x 65.5H inches
  • Weight:395 pounds

When fitness is considered, this type of manual curved treadmill is amongst the best. It offers user efficiency and innovation during workout training. Moreover, this type of manual curved treadmill offers the runner good service such that it’s free of knees, hips, and ankle injuries while experiencing the natural feel during a running workout.

The machine has four levels of control to magnetic resistance giving the user a chance to adjust the increase of belt tension and exercise intensity through a lever. The user’s output determines the effort on the speed level.

The Reactive Runner can produce up to 30% caloric increase as compared to the motorized treadmill. The unique feature and design of this type of machine make it ranked among the best. At the market level, the device is leading due to its 19″ by 63″ surface, enabling efficiency in supporting all lengths of strides. It is built with the best grade steel purposed for heavy-duty. It can also help weigh 350 pounds.

Therefore the make is durable. It is also equipped with an ergonomic handle, and the design allows work out on power pushing. Features like tension control lengthened handrail and large side rail help on better and easier mounting and safe dismounting. More so, it has a 6.5 “backlit LCD that displays the speed, watts, calorie, total calorie, distance, time, RPM, rounds, recovery, and sprint.

The 3 HIIT program allows the runner to select his own choice (10/20, 30/90, & custom interval) during running. In addition, it is built with a phone or a tablet holder. The reactive runner’s features are favorable to sports as a daily running and walking running machine for exercise.


5. NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill

NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Manual Treadmill

Key Specifications:

  • Max User Weight: 353 pounds
  • Maximum incline: 30%
  • Cover length: 63 inches
  • Deck width: 18 inches

NOHrD Sprintbok Curved Treadmill has no limits, therefore its self powered via your legs strength, which determines the running exercise you like; may it be a sprint at intervals, endurance long runs, and any running workout curtsey of the slat belt with a ball bearing. Its curved shape provides a more advantageous experience of natural running. Users vary the exercise rhythm depending on the position and gravity of the body on the surface belt.

Compared to the traditional treadmill, this type of Woodway treadmill has amongst the best technology helping to more effectiveness in workout having an excellent resistance. It is equipped with features like solid smooth wood of design, which helps to reduce vibration during running. The modern design has the best preferred curved slat belt, making it feel like running is expected. Therefore it’s more effective. It helps to burn over 30% of calories.

Moreover, it has a touch screen installed with the springbok app and has a sleek handlebar. The equipped tablet-like screen helps to track the overall performance. The machine is free from maintenance except for the regular dust removal, greasing of the movable parts, and tightening of the belt is not considered.

Due to its lower impacted belt, flexible having 62 wooden slats which is portable, they are durable and natural since each has a linoleum finish. It has a shock absorber element, which helps to reduce injuries during training. It’s the best since it can withstand a weight of 352.7 pounds, the surface is 63″ by 17.7″, has two rollers that help in efficient maneuvering of the wood frame. It’s preferably the best in the market due to its durability character.


6. SpeedFit Speed Board PorXL

SpeeFfit Speed Board PorXL


Key Specifications:

  • Maximum User Weight: 400 pounds
  • Colour: Silver
  • Dimensions:67L x 33W x 72H inches
  • Weight:140kg

The SpeedFit is among the second of the speed board pro version series of the self-monitored of a non-motorized curved treadmill. It is a type of new generation treadmill that provides a continuous workout experience. The user’s legs determine the speed and pace during running. The machine is the first manual speed board pro treadmill.

Therefore, it allows running effortlessly, producing better performance than expected, unlike the motorized treadmill. The curved surface has a smooth strap tread that perfectly matches the user’s strides. Moreover, it reduces any joint problems since the user self-monitors the drive determining their own pace during sprinting or running experience. It is engineered to provide athletes with outstanding fitness.

The machine has a guarantee of giving many years to free of maintenance servicing. The shock-absorbing quality is equipped; therefore, the tread design system is robust, soft, with no friction, and smooth, making it perfect to the minimum experience of effortless runs. The speed board pro is unique, designed to offer a trouble-free experience for many years.


7. DKC Self-Generating Foldable Treadmill

DCK Curved Treadmill

Key Specifications:

  • Maximum Incline: 30%
  • Maximum User Weight: 330 pounds
  • Maximum Speed: 22km/h
  • Deck Width: 15.7 inches

The general element of the machine is that its non-motorized, therefore, self-monitored. It is mainly preferred by home users, the best for Self-Generating at home. It has a rubber on the surface of the curved treadmill, thicker enough to allow shock absorber character. Moreover, it gives the user perfect comfort and a more negligible effect on off-road sprints and longer distancing runs.

It burns up to 30% of calories as compared to the regular motorized treadmill. It is sized up to 47.6 by 26.8 by 44.3 inches and can run up to 13.7 mi/h with a year warranty of purchase. The installation procedure is quite simple. More so, it saves electrical bills. It’s guaranteed more extended durability and negligible maintenance service.

Why are curved treadmills so expensive?

The shock-absorbing technology

The curved treadmill is modernly designed with advanced technology, equipped with the insoles covered on the belt to help prevent numerous injuries caused by running. More so, it creates a better comfort zone. It is designed by the best medical professionals devoted to treating foot, ankle, and any related leg disorders to make sure you are free from any injuries.

During run training, the unique design character helps to support your leg throughout. The technology is enhanced by D3O, where the insole helps to provide shock absorption than any other designed insole. The insole is in the market. Make sure you purchase one for safety issues during training.

The angled components

Just in case you are concerned with the overall beauty of the manual treadmill, the machine is equipped with evident properties that are angled so that it’s a unique complex design of engineering. The turned-designed components play a vital role in how well the curved treadmill performs. If the installation is poorly done, this can affect the overall performance of the woodway treadmill.

The systematic uniqueness of the angles components brings about the price increase, therefore making it expensive to purchase. The feature includes; the machine’s internal base, the underlying insole layer of the shock absorber, and the continuous running belt. If the properties are not correctly installed then, this may impact them to break down.

The quality built is strong.

Overall, the main detail you should consider is the quality of the curved treadmill, more so from the visible characteristic of the curved treadmill is durability. The setup is robust, with every component durable to last, and will not break down as soon as you start your running workout. With its non-motorized character, each member is very reliable despite the pressure you will apply during the running exercise.

Companies manufacturing the curved treadmill have made sure via several years of testing that the machine is perfect. The new science and technology have made possible to create manual treadmill. However, advancement has made it a reality to have a manual like a curved treadmill but at a price.

The components contained are much heavier.

The manufacturing companies go through thoughtful details to make sure the curved treadmill they built has excellent performance and is more durable. Usually, the regular treadmill is lighter as compared to the much heavier and newly best-curved treadmill.

The parts maker is of high quality hence making sure it does not break. Before you purchase, make sure you identify this vital detail. And if you clearly understand the various vital prepositions, then consider yourself buying a well-Woodway treadmill.

The benefits of buying a well-curved treadmill are;

  • They are pleased according to their look.
  • They are considered vital for users in the higher advancing levels.
  • It is built with a durable and robust character.

If you are thinking of setting up a home gym, make sure you get a well-curved treadmill. Although it is heavier to move, it also is long-lasting.

It has a refined running belt

During purchasing, you will first check the running surface and the frame, and because of these parts of the curved treadmill, you will find the running belt. And if you are keen enough, you will learn that the running belt is the most expensive part of the curve workout machine. It is costly because of the refined element on the belt.

The best running belt should move across the surface softly, therefore no injuries it could cause. Before buying the curved exercise machine, makes sure you consider testing it to understand if it can continuously move at a higher pace or not. Both the beginner and the advancing levels should make sure they purchase a curved treadmill with a perfect running bet on the surface.

The machine involves human intelligence

The human construction phase is the most underrated element. Therefore manual curved treadmill manufacturers consider hands instead of machines should do various components. You should feel the high value of manufacturing for the best-curved treadmill outcome if you require a perfect deal.

Moreover, this machine is extra unique and different from other types of treadmills in the market today. During the manufacturing phase, the human involvement element makes the device cost a bit more expensive than the others in the market. And this is a guarantee to the buyers that when you consider longevity, then buy a curved treadmill.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Curved Treadmill

The price budget

Before purchasing, it’s essential to consider how much you are willing to offer or the set budget for the curved treadmill for sale. Investing in the best quality is advisable as far as durability is concerned. Woodway treadmill cost is a bit higher as compared to the traditional treadmill. Their uniqueness put them in a more specialized price tag starting from $3500, varying with the manufacturing companies.

The type of brand

Depending on your personal goals, a brand of the curved type treadmill is essential in the attainment of the plans. If your goal is to train like a marathon runner, choose a brand that will help you increase your daily stepping count. Moreover, choose a curved treadmill that can help you power your training with your specific goal. Just in case you want to improve your stability, select a brand that will favor your speciation.

The user-specific capacity

A safer curved treadmill should consider the user’s capacity, and this can be determined by weight or the user’s stability.

When considering weight as a specific capacity of the user, then, if the buyer has an enormous weight, he must consider buying a woodway treadmill that can withhold his particular weight. It’s wise to minus 20 kg from your average weight while purchasing a curved treadmill. For home use, there are curved treadmill motors that can manage up to 135kg of weight.

Stability goes in handy with weight, and a perfect manual treadmill should be sable, that it should not shake when the user is running on it. A stable curved treadmill makes workouts exciting and fun for the user.

The Footprints

When buying a curved treadmill, you should consider the footprint. A rubber shock absorber footprint is perfect for any user because it can reduce the chances of injuries, including legs, ankles, and hips. The surface should be curved for better normal stepping while exercising running.

Robust assembly

Overall, the main detail you should consider is the quality of the curved treadmill, more so from the visible characteristic of the curved treadmill is durability. The setup is robust, with every component durable to last, and will not break down as soon as you start your running workout. With its non-motorized character, each piece is very reliable despite the pressure you will apply during the running exercise.

What are the benefits of the curved treadmill?

There is no electrical bill expense.

The curved treadmill is manual and self-monitored. Therefore for a curved treadmill to work must be powered by the user’s legs. It is pretty simple, and you need to jump on then start walking, jogging, or running forward. They are non-motorized; this feature helps to save since you win not be required to pay for electrical expenses to make the machine work.

Minimal chances of injuries

The curved treadmill surfaces are covered with a rubber that is a shock absorber; this is advantageous to users because the chances of legs, ankle, and hips injuries are less than the regular treadmill. Moreover, the machine is equipped with arm handlers which help to support your hands during running exercises.

They are much simpler to use

Technology has made it possible to have a much simpler curved treadmill, which is none motorized. It depends on the user’s power during walking, running, or jogging to drive the machine continuously compared to the regular treadmill.

They are environmentally friendly.

Sometimes challenging exercising on the ground level, because the weather condition may trigger your workout sessions, and during sunny, rainy, and occasionally mist and fogs during the morning run, manual treadmill got you covered, with the new technology. Now you can experience your daily work out in your homes because the machine doesn’t require electricity to work. Still, instead, you power the device to work by just regular running, which is advantageous.

It is intuitive, no need to program your workout.

The Woodway treadmill is one of the best self-programmed machines for a workout, meaning that the user determines the type of workout they want to exercise, whether jogging, walking, or running. More so, the speed and the pace of your running are adjusted by the runner. Unlike the usual treadmill, motorized to work, the user has to program how fast or slow in terms of pace and speed.

Requires less maintenance

Curved treadmills are built with advanced unique technology. Most of their components are made of steel, therefore harder to break while training. The manufacturers’ robust technology is a guarantee of durability and minimal maintenance in many years of using the machine.

Curved Treadmill For Your Home Gym

In case you need to buy your curved home treadmill, check out the shops. We got you covered with varieties of gym machines;

DCK curved non-motorized smooth self-generating foldable treadmill

The general element of the machine is that its non-motorized, therefore, self-monitored. It has a rubber on the surface of the curved treadmill, thicker enough to allow shock absorber character. Home users mostly prefer it as the best for workouts at the home gym.


Every fitness fanatic should go through this blog before purchasing a curved treadmill machine. If you get your perfect match for your workout, then enjoy! The world of gym equipment is advancing with various gym machines like the modern curved treadmill for home. It can be of significant impact on your fitness. Try it today.


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