Best Treadmill Running shoes Reviews 2023

When it comes to treadmill shoes all we know that it should be lightweight. What else? Professional runners might know the answer, but not all the users can find appropriate footwear for their workout sessions.

It’s the reason we are presenting this list that will show you some of the best treadmill shoes that you can purchase in 2021.

Top 10 Best Running Shoes for Treadmill

ASICS Mens Treadmill shoeSynthetic11.2 See Price
New Balance ShoeTextile9.6 See Price
Saucony Womens ShoeTextile, synthetic6.7 See Price
Adidas Mens ShoeTextile, synthetic8 See Price
Nike Winflo Treadmill ShoeTextile, rubber9 See Price
Hoka One Ankle High ShoeImported fabric7.60 See Price
Mizuno Men's Wave shoeTextile, synthetic8.2 See Price
Skechers Razor 3 ShoeSynthetic9 See Price
Mizuno Men's Running ShoeImported fabric9.6 See Price
Brooks Men's Launch shoeImported fabric9.3 See Price

Here are the top 10 best shoes for treadmill running reviews 2023.

1. Asics Gel Treadmill Men’s Running Shoe

Asics Mens Gel Venture Running Shoe

At a glance:

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 11.2 ounces
  • Heel height: 20 mm
  • Forefoot height: 10 mm

Who can hit the number one spot apart from Asics Gel Treadmill Shoes? When it comes to the best shoes for treadmill walking, this brand has multiple models that give you comfort, traction, breathability, and support; everything while looking amazing on your legs.

Eventually, we settled with Gel-Venture 6 that has all the features and properties that you can expect from a pair of running shoes. One of the flagship models from Asics, the Gel-Venture has all the magnificent traits that Asics has to offer.

Use it on the treadmill, indoors, road, or experience nature by hitting a trail; no matter where you want to go, the Asics running shoe will accompany you there.

Gel-Venture six comes with a gel technology that makes your running session smooth, supportive and comfortable. The gel absorbs all the impacts between your strides and gives you a powerful takeoff.

Moreover, it maintains the natural position of your foot. Hence avoids any foot fatigue or pain after a long run. It also comes with a removable sock liner that protects your foot.

You can easily replace it with an orthotic insole that suits your personal requirements. The only problem the shoes has is its width. Some of the users might find it very wide, loose or uncomfortable.


2. New Balance Men’s Treadmill Shoes

New Balance Mens 890v6 Running Shoe


At a glance:

  • Material: Textile
  • Weight: 9.6 ounce
  • Heel height: 27 mm
  • Forefoot height: 21 mm

New Balance 890v6 has a sleek design with a bootie construction that offers a perfect fit and optimum support. This is ultra-lightweight footwear that comes with a very responsive cushioning, which keeps your feet impact free. S

o that you can run those extra miles with ease. It’s the reason why 890v6 is one of the best men’s running shoes for the treadmill.

New Balance 890v6 comes with a silhouette that is responsible to hug your arch for a stable and secure fit. Its upper side is made of mesh that maintains the airflow and keeps you comfortable.

The responsive cushioning has a REVlite midsole foam and a convenient 6mm drop. All thanks to the TPU forefoot parts, the 890v6 make sure you face no hassles while taming a well-trodden track or pounding the treadmill.

New Balance gives you one of the lightest options when we talk about treadmill shoes. However, due to its narrow front, the pair of shoes are not suitable for high arches.

To compensate for these negatives aspects, it has a flexible outsole and a secure upper part that gives you a carefree feel while running and allows you to run faster.


3. Best Treadmill Running Shoes for Women

Saucony Women's Kinvara 9 running shoes

At a glance:

  • Material: Textile and synthetic
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Heel height: 23 mm
  • Forefoot height: 19 mm

Kinvara 9 comes from Saucony, which is one of the leading sportswear manufacturers. It’s not only the best women’s running shoes for a treadmill, but you can also use the Kinvara 9for the gym, as well as outdoor running.

Lightweight built and comfortable underfoot feel are the two elements that make it a versatile indoor running accessory. These are the reasons why Kinvara 9 won the Runner’s World 2018 Editor’s Choice award.

Saucony Women’s Kinvara 9 running shoe has a minimalist upper part and has a sock-like fit. It has a woven heel for high quality support.

Moreover, the heel has reflective elements that can be of some help when you decide to take it out later in the evening. Kinvara 9 has a heel to toe drop of 4 mm and has a top sole equipped with EVERRUN technology.

Due to a comfortable as well as the lively high-quality cushioning system, the pair of shoes gives you soft landings and explosive push-off, so that you can deliver the best in a treadmill running session.

Some of the users reported that Kinvara 9 is very bouncy for them. Apart from that, its not suitable for users with wide feet.


4. Adidas Mens Treadmill Running Shoe

Adidas Mens Adizero Adios 4 Shoes

At a glance:

  • Material: Textile and synthetic
  • Weight: 8 ounces
  • Heel height: 27 mm
  • Forefoot height: 17 mm

Adidas Men’s Treadmill shoe is a stylish footwear designed by the masters of shoemaking. It fits perfectly in your feet and has a responsive cushioning that makes it a perfect option for treadmill running.

Made of mesh, textile and synthetic, the upper part of the Adios 4 provides adequate support as well as airflow. Due to its Boost technology, it gives you a fantastic rebound and a feel that you are running on clouds.

Its outsole is made of long-lasting rubber that gives you superior traction on both dry and wet running surfaces. It’s the reason why the Adidas Adios 4 is suitable for outdoor running as well.
Overall, the Adidas shoe is lightweight treadmill footwear that comes with exceptional cushioning and is also supportive from its core. This well-rounded option is great for both indoor as well as outdoor usage.

Moreover, it also helps you to extend the running speed as well as your mileage. However, the only problem is its tight entry that might feel uncomfortable for some users.

Apart from that, it’s a sleek footwear that’s well suited for users who needs a luxurious as well as supportive running session.


5. Best Nike Shoes for Treadmill

Nike Zoom Winflo 4 Men’s Running Shoes

At a glance:

  • Material: Textile and rubber
  • Weight: 9 ounces
  • Heel height: 34.2 mm
  • Forefoot height: 22.6 mm

Nike Zoom Winflo 4 is has a sleek appearance and a very lightweight design. Its plenty of cushioning keeps you comfortable all the time. One of the primary reasons is its snug fit that provides you with ample of space for toe spread.

It’s the reason why Winflo 4 is one of the best treadmill shoes for wide feet. Also, it has a stable rubber sole to co-operate when you are running at high speeds. So, whether you are running on a treadmill or outdoors, the sturdy footwear never gives you a chance to complain.

Nike indoor running shoes is a suitable purchase for individuals who want to feel like there are no soles under their feet. Due to its natural fit and minimal gravity, the Nike treadmill running shoes make your running session very convenient and keeps you relaxed while you run those extra miles.

If you like minimalist design and high quality performance, then you can try the Winflo 4.


6. Hoka One Mens Ankle High Running Shoe

Hoka One Mens Ankle-High Running Shoe


At a glance:

  • Material: Imported fabric
  • Weight: 7.60 ounces
  • Heel height: 25 mm
  • Forefoot height: 16 mm

When you are training for some extra hours, you need a pair of lightweight shoes with adequate cushioning. Something that can keep your feet relaxed and comfortable, even during intense running.

Well, you can satisfy all these desires with the ankle high running shoes from Hoka. Its cushioning is concentrated on the heels that provides you with impact free landings.

Talking about the forefeet, its comparatively firmer. Don’t worry, firm is not uncomfortable in this product. Instead it provides the required support and keeps you stable while you hit high speeds on a treadmill.

Moreover, its upper mesh promotes airflow and prevents humidity and moisture. Overall, the Hoka One high ankle running shoes for fitness enthusiasts who needs a lightweight footwear with added cushioning that can co-operate well while you run for some extra miles.

However, speed-focused cushion at its heel might prove counterproductive for some users. In other words, the running shoe has a unique built that will either suit your feet well or you would not like it all.


7. Mizuno Best Shoes for Running on Treadmill

Mizuno Mens Wave Shadow 3

At a glance:

  • Material: Textile and synthetic
  • Weight: 8.2 ounces
  • Heel height: 24 mm
  • Forefoot height: 16 mm

Mizuno Wave Shadow 3 is built for high speed running. It’s the reason why this one is lightweight and keeps you moisture-free even after prolonged running hours.

All thanks to its supreme ventilation system that works against heat buildup and humidity. If you have already not invested on a speed-focused running shoe, then Shadow 3 is the best option available in this price range.

It’s upper has Ripstop mesh that promotes airflow and secures your feet comfortably for a productive running session.
Shadow 3 has stylish laces that move smoothly and respond well when you tighten them.

Then comes its 3D printed overlay that secures and locks down your foot for a comfortable fit. Its built givers you some extra space between middle and forefeet, which adds to the comfort as well as support.

However, you might feel some extra pressure on your toes because the upper mesh is not stretchable. It will go away after a few running session if you are not very sensitive about your legs.


8. GOrun Razor 3 Best Running Shoes Treadmill

Skechers Unisex GOrun Razor 3 Hyper Running Shoe

At a glance:

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Weight: 9 ounces (Men), 6.4 ounces (Women)
  • Heel height: Men: 24mm | Women: 24mm
  • Forefoot height: Men: 20mm | Women: 20mm

The GOrun Razor 3 series is a one-stop solution to all your walking or running needs. The third version of this series falls into the same league due to its lightweight design and comfortable outsole.

Also, it has an improved upper part and Hyper Burst midsole that adds to its value.
You will notice a mild heel counter in the rear side of the shoe. This heel supports the upper structure and remains very flexible for individuals with sensitive knees.

Its insole is glued, which adds to the comfort and speed because there are no slippages even when you take quick turns. Moreover, it provides good traction but only with socks. You might not feel comfortable if you wear it barefoot.

If you need to insert an orthotic sole in the footwear, then you can take out the existing insole. You only need to heat the insole on the underside up and it will come out.
GOrun Razor 3 is the first product from Skechers that comes with a Hyper Burst midsole, which is lightweight and very responsive.

Cushioned midsole is lightweight shoes is not durable, especially if you run at high speeds. However, the Hyper Burst passes the time test very well and maintains the same comfort and responsiveness.


9. Mizuno Best Shoes for Walking on Treadmill

Mizuno Mens Wave Rider 23 Waveknit Running Shoe

At a glance:

  • Material: Imported fabric
  • Weight: 9.6 ounces
  • Heel height: 32 mm
  • Forefoot height: 20 mm

If you need single footwear for treadmill running, marathon, cross-training regular jogging, then the Wave Rider 23 is a suitable option. It appeals all the fitness enthusiasts who enjoys a responsive ride with comfortable cushioning.

Due to its black and grey design, the Wave Rider does not have a shiny appearance. Still, it’s one of the best running shoes for treadmill available in the US market.
The Rider 23 comes with a plastic Wave plate that sits between two foam layers; a soft sheet below the heel and a firm layer that rests closer to your foot.

Due to such a combination, the Mizuno Running Shoe is comparatively soft. The Wave plate and its other two layers adds to the weight, but also makes it more versatile. Don’t worry, you can still run at high speeds.

On the favorable part, the Rider 3 keeps you comfortable on long running sessions.
Mizuno Rider 23 has a unique built that adjusts according to your best walking shoes for treadmill. Hence, it gives you a better feel after some initial running hours.

You might notice its stiffness, but the situation changes after running some miles. The only problem is a hot spot, which is created by the Rider 23. The primary reason is its narrow toe space an stiff sole that sometimes denies to move with the foot.


10. Brooks Men’s Launch 5 Treadmill shoe

Brooks Mens Launch 5

At a glance:

  • Material: Imported fabric
  • Weight: 9.3 ounces
  • Heel height: 32.3 mm
  • Forefoot height: 21.9 mm

Brooks Men’s Launch 5 Treadmill is a very responsive footwear that keeps your feet in their natural shape. All thanks to its U-Groove design, the Brooks running shoe keeps you stable as well as comfortable.

Due to the presence of rubber in its construction, the treadmill wear behaves like a spring. Apart from that, its transition zone maintains natural movement and hence keeps you relaxed even during intense workout sessions.

Brooks Launch 5 comes with an additional blown rubber layer that boosts your running sped and maintains the same. This layer also adds to the bounce that co-operates well when you run at rough tracks.

Overall, it’s a lightweight shoe that never acts as a burden on your feet. Instead, it provides you with better cushioning and breathability. These are the reasons why it’s one of the best treadmill shoes for prolonged running.
We all have seen days when we like a running shoe at first, but hate it after some usage. No matter what are the reasons for this hate, but it’s frustrating as well as expensive.

However, you will not face such a situation with the Launch 5 because of its durable built, comfortable grip and upper mesh that keeps you moisture free.


What are the Best Shoes for Running on a Treadmill?

A pair of shoes that can keep your feet comfortable as well as safe while you run is good for a treadmill. It should also promote airflow to provide you with a moisture-free running session.

Asics Gel-Venture 6 and New Balance 890v6 are the two options that you can try because both of them have the quality and features to give you a unique running experience.

Do you need good running shoes for treadmill?

Yes, its recommended that you should not step on a treadmill without running shoes. Treadmill shoes are not very different from the footwear that you use outdoors. However, you should choose one of the options depending upon your feet type and running style.

What should you wear on a treadmill?

Running on a treadmill means sweat. So, you should wear a body fit t-shirt and a pair of shorts that can keep you comfortable while promoting airflow. Apart from clothes, you should also wear a running shoe.


Here we are. Now, you have known some of the best treadmill shoes available for your morning workout sessions. Hope you find this collection interesting.

Choose one of the options according to your feet type, running style and budget. The treadmill shoe should be lightweight as well as breathable because you cannot run pleasantly with sweaty feet.


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