Best Cushioned Treadmills [Reviews 2023]

A lot of tension is created in your ankle, knee, and other joints while you run. Hence, we recommend that you train or work out on a treadmill with significant shock absorption. A running machine with a spongy cushion deck keeps your joints jerk-free.

The quality of the cushion depends upon the treadmill’s price tag. Expensive running equipment offers excellent suspension that absorbs all the jerk that you produce work out. But, how will you determine which treadmill has the best cushioning? It’s the reason why we are here with some of the best cushioned treadmills reviews.

Top 9 Best Cushioned Treadmills Review 2023

Model Features Price
Nautilus Treadmill• Best Cushioning Treadmill
• Cushioning: StrikeZone
• Weight capacity: 300 lbs
• Running path: 20 x 60 inches
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NordicTrack• Budget-Friendly Treadmill
• Cushioning: FlexSelect
• Weight capacity: 300 lbs
• Running path: 20 x 60 inches
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Cardio Treadmill• Elite Runner treadmill
• Cushioning: Ortho Flex
• Weight capacity: 400 lbs
• Running path: 22 x 62 inches
Check Price on Amazon
Bowflex Treadmill• Cushioning: Comfort Tech Technology
• Weight capacity: 400 lbs
• Running path: 22 x 60 inches
Check Price on Amazon
Advenor Treadmill• Cushioning: Elastomer
• Weight capacity: 220 lbs
• Running path: 17 x 47.3 inches
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Sunny Health & Fitness• Cushioning: Standard
• Weight capacity: 220 lbs
• Running path: 19 x 51 inches
Check Price on Amazon
NordicTrack Series • Cushioning: FlexSelect
• Weight capacity: 350 lbs
• Running path: 22 x 60 inches
Check Price on Amazon
LifeSpan Treadmill• Cushioning: Compression shock absorber
• Weight capacity: 300 lbs
• Running path: 20 x 56 inches
Check Price on Amazon
Sole Treadmill• Cushioning: Cushion shock-absorption
• Weight capacity: 350 lbs
• Running path: 20 x 60 inches
Check Price on Amazon

Let’s check out some of the best-cushioned treadmills reviews available in the market.

1. Nautilus Best Cushioned Treadmill

Nautilus Treadmill

Key specification

  • Cushioning: StrikeZone
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Running path: 20 x 60 inches

Nautilus T616 is an elite commercial-grade treadmill, which has a StrikeZone cushioning system that reduces impacts on your joints and offers smooth workout sessions. It comes with a 3.0 CHP motor that’s reliable, responsive, and performance-friendly.

So, try this fitness machine you are looking for a powerful and soft treadmill that keeps you comfortable as well as pain-free.

The commercial treadmill uses 2.75-inch rollers and gives you a workout area of 20 x 60 inches. Due to such a spacious tread belt, it can easily accommodate all the average-sized users.

Also, the running machine has SoftDrop folding system that allows you to easily move and store it. The weight capacity of T616 is 300 pounds, and its maximum speed is 15 mph.

So, this treadmill is suitable for walking, jogging, running, and HIIT. Then, it has an incline system between 0 to 15 percent, which is helpful when you want to make the workout session intense.

One of the impressive features of the T616 is its console, which looks stylish due to its DualTrack display. The screen shows up to 13 workout details. Besides, the treadmill has 26 built-in workout programs that are helpful for beginners.

Overall, Nautilus T616 is a Bluetooth-enabled, foldable, and comfortable treadmill, which is perfect if you want to enjoy easy workout sessions at your home.

Reasons to buy

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Powerful and reliable motor
  • Compatible with smartphone apps
  • Free RunSocial app for virtual running tracks
  • Up to 15 percent incline
  • Easy to use console


2. NordicTrack Shock Absorption Treadmill


Key specification

  • Cushioning: FlexSelect
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Running path: 20 x 60 inches

If you need a high-quality treadmill that can keep you comfortable and pain-free while working out, then take a closer look at NordicTrack T9.5S. The fitness machine comes with special FlexSelect cushioning that gives you an experience of running outdoors. However, it keeps your landing soft to protect your joints.

NordicTrack T9.5S comes with an iFit membership of 12 months, which makes your workout sessions interesting. The free subscription allows you to access countless exercises programs. Moreover, it offers live home coaching wherein a professional trainer controls your speed, distance, and incline.

This cushioned treadmill has a 14 inch HD touchscreen, which helps you to track your workout progress.

Its size is sufficient to watch all the training videos. Besides, this commercial-grade machine has an incline up to 12 percent. So, you can also include some strength training in your daily workout routine.

This cushion treadmill comes with a 2.75 CHP motor, which co-operates with all your physical activities. Its maximum speed is 12 mph, which is excellent for walking, jogging, and running.

Apart from that, the maximum weight capacity of this model is 300 pounds. NordicTrack T9.5S is the best cushioned treadmill UK if you are training for marathons. It’s also perfect if you are planning for 5K or 10K.

Reasons to buy

  • One-touch controls available
  • Space-saving design and foldable frame
  • Reliable motor
  • Protects your joints from jerks and pain
  • Incline for strength training
  • 1 year iFit for additional support and training


3. 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill

Key specification

  • Cushioning: Ortho Flex Shock suspension
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Running path: 22 x 62 inches

With a powerful motor and Ortho Flex Shock suspension system, the Elite Runner is one of the best treadmills for running. This commercial-grade impact absorption mechanism offers significant cushioning to keep you comfortable.

Moreover, it has a thick belt that lasts for long even under demanding workouts.

3G Cardio Elite Runner comes with a 4.0 CHP motor, which offers quiet and smooth performance. So, you can enjoy some music or movies while working out. Besides, it has a stable frame that can withstand up to 300 pounds.

This shock absorption treadmill comes with various pre-installed workout programs. In addition, it also allows you to create personalized exercising routines.

Then, there is one-touch speed and incline controls that ensure uninterrupted workout sessions. The Elite Runner has built-in speakers, which keep you motivated during the physical practices.

You can connect a tablet or smartphone to enjoy some music. Apart from that, the treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty that adds peace to your mind while using it.

If you want to lose some weight, then the Elite Runner might be a solid choice because it has an incline of up to 15 percent. You can burn more calories while walking, jogging, or running on a slope.

Hence, getting fit is easy and fast if you own this Elite model by 3G Cardio.

Reasons to buy

  • Contact heart rate sensor
  • Cooling fan to maintain smooth performance
  • Soft and spacious tread belt
  • Up to 15 percent incline
  • Lifetime warranty


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4. Bowflex Softest Treadmill

Bowflex Results Treadmill


Key specification

  • Cushioning: Comfort Tech Technology
  • Weight capacity: 400 pounds
  • Running path: 22 x 60 inches

Here comes a model that can either match or surpass your expectations. But, it will not disappoint. Whether you are a professional runner or a working individual who wants to enjoy a fit and active life, Bowflex Results T216 can suffice all your requirements. T216 has a spacious tread belt with inbuilt Comfort Tech Cushioning Technology, which is a gold standard when we talk about impact absorption.

So, this treadmill gives you a soft ground for all your steps to offer unmatched comfort and support. What’s more? This model simulates the outdoor running tracks, which is helpful when you are training for races or marathons.

Here is the good news. This treadmill has built-in motivation. Its console shows you the calories burned per minute, which pushes you to run faster.

The console has a 9-inch LCD screen with 11 workout programs. It also allows you to create custom exercises routines, save, and follow them later. The Results treadmill has a foldable frame, which is very useful if you are low on open space.

Its SoftDrop design makes folding and expansion easy. So, you can use and store this machine in any of the rooms.

Reasons to buy

  • Powerful 4.0 CHP motor
  • Comfortable and spacious workout space
  • Integrated controls for convenient usage
  • Up to 15 percent incline
  • Integrated heart rate sensor


5. Advenor Motorized Low Impact Treadmill

Advenor Motorized Treadmill

Key specification

  • Cushioning: Elastomer
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Running path: 17 x 47.3 inches

Advenor Motorized Treadmill is a stylish, foldable, and affordable fitness machine that comes with elastomer shock cushions. There are eight cushions located at different spots under the tread belt. They reduce all the impacts and eliminate the chances of any knee pain or injury. All thanks to a 3.0 CHP motor, the motorized treadmill offers smooth and steady workout sessions.

This motor generates a maximum speed of 8.5 mph, which is perfect for walking and light jogging. Moreover, it has a self-cooling mechanism to maintain performance.

The shock absorbing treadmill has a 5-inch backlit monitor, which is easy to read because of its high contrast and definition. Then, the machine has 64 pre-installed training programs that are available in 8 different modes and intensity levels.

So, you can follow them as per your fitness level and goals. This low impact treadmill has a Soft drop system that allows you to fold and store it securely after the workout sessions.

Also, there are transport wheels for easy movement. So, it’s a suitable purchase if you reside in a small flat or have less open space for workout equipment.

Reasons to buy

  • Accessory holder for portable devices and water bottle
  • MP3 cable to connect tablet or smartphone
  • Noiseless performance
  • Comfortable walking belt
  • A quick button to control speed and power
  • Heart rate sensors


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6. Sunny Health & Fitness Bouncy Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SpaceFlex Treadmill

Key specification

  • Cushioning: Standard
  • Weight capacity: 220 pounds
  • Running path: 19 x 51 inches

Sunny Health & Fitness ASUNA is the best cushioned treadmill for walking and light jogging available at this price range. It has a shock absorption deck that reduces the impacts on your joints to keep your physical practices comfortable and strain-free.

Besides, this treadmill folds flat and hence it’s perfect if you are living in a small house. The SpaceFlex works using a 2.5 CHP motor and 12 levels of motorized incline, which allows you to enjoy strength training.

It can withstand up to 220 pounds and offers a maximum speed of 8 mph. So, this electric running treadmill is suitable for walking and light jogging, but might not be the perfect choice for high-speed running.

This shock absorbing treadmill has a performance monitor that shares all our workout-related data including time, speed, distance, mode, etc. Then, it has pulse sensors that showcase your heart health.

Moreover, a couple of built-in speakers allow you to enjoy some music while losing some calories. Sunny Health & Fitness shock absorption treadmill has eight pre-installed workout programs and three custom routines.

It folds flat and has transportation wheels for convenient relocation. Once folded, the treadmill can stand against a wall. So, you don’t have to allot a significant space for its storage.

The Asuna might be a perfect investment if you prefer walking and light jogging. Both the activities boost weight loss and body toning. This unit has a reasonable price tag, and it offers the complete worth of your investment.

Reasons to buy

  • Motorized incline for strength training
  • A foldable frame that offers secure storage
  • Transport wheels for easy movement
  • Small dimensions, which is suitable for small flats


7. NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmill

NordicTrack Commercial Series Treadmill


Key specification

  • Cushioning: FlexSelect
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Running path: 22 x 60 inches

If you are looking for one of the best cushioned treadmills 2023 in terms of cushioning and functionality, then take a closer look at NordicTrack 1750 Commercial Series. It comes with FlexSelect cushioning, which minimizes all the jerks. So, you can enjoy continuous running sessions without any pain or injury.

The treadmill draws power from a 3.75 CHP DurX Commercial Plus Motor, which co-operates with all your workout sessions without making much noise.

Then, it has a maximum speed of 12 mph that’s perfect for walking, jogging, and running. Moreover, this fitness machine has incline up to 12 percent and a decline of -3 percent. This cushioned treadmill comes with one-year membership of iFit.

As we discussed, this subscription allows you to access professional workout videos and training pieces.

Then, there is a 10-inch interactive touchscreen that makes your workout sessions more enjoyable and interesting. A space-saving design and EasyLift Assist are the factors that make this commercial treadmill perfect for small flats.

Overall, it’s might be s solid investment if you want to enjoy full-body workouts in the comfort of your home.

Reasons to buy

  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • AutoBreeze fan to keep you comfortable
  • Effective cushioning
  • Both decline and incline functions are available
  • The foldable design and secure storage


8. LifeSpan Best Cushioned Treadmill for Seniors

LifeSpan Folding Fitness Treadmill

Key specification

  • Cushioning: Compression shock absorber
  • Weight capacity: 300 pounds
  • Running path: 20 x 56 inches

Your comfort level cannot be an issue if you try the LifeSpan TR2000i, which is available with 8 compression shock absorbers. All these jerk minimizers protect your joints and keep you pain-free. The most impressive feature is its QuickDraw technology that allows you to set the speed or incline by dragging your finger on the screen.

LifeSpan TR2000i has a 2.5 HP motor that’s built to perform and last.

It can withstand even the most demanding workouts. Besides, the treadmill has a running surface measuring 20 by 56 inches that’s sufficient to accommodate all your physical activities including walking, jogging, and running.

This fitness treadmill has built-in Bluetooth connectivity and speakers, which allows you to pair any of the portable devices and stream some music.

Apart from that, it has 21 exercises programs that you can choose according to your fitness level and goal. The low impact treadmill has EZfold technology that helps you to fold and expand the treadmill without any hassles.

Once collapsed, you can easily use the inbuilt transport wheels to roll it anywhere. So, the treadmill is perfect if you live in a small house or has less open space for fitness machines.

Reasons to buy

  • Long-lasting steel construction
  • 7-inch touch screen display
  • 15 levels of incline for strength training
  • A maximum speed of 11 mph, which is suitable for walking and jogging
  • Easy to fold and store


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9. Sole Fitness Best Treadmill for Running

Sole Fitness Folding Treadmill

Key specification

  • Cushioning: Cushion Flex shock-absorption system
  • Weight capacity: 350 pounds
  • Running path: 20 x 60 inches

If you cannot find time for daily gym visits, then Sole Fitness F80 is the best cushioned treadmill at home. It has Cushion Flex shock-absorption system that reduces joint impacts up to 40 percent. This mechanism minimizes the pressure on your ankles, knees, hips, back, and spine; so that you can lose the calories without any pain or injury.

Sole Fitness F80 is a spacious treadmill with a workout surface measuring 20 by 60 inches.

Moreover, its 7.5-inch LCD allows you to track all your progress. You can check the speed, distance, pulse, speed, time spent, and incline on the screen.

The shock absorption treadmill has a strong steel welded frame with powder coating. This heavy-duty fitness machine can withstand weight up to 350 pounds.

Then, it’s industrial-grade 3.0 HP motor offers vibration-free and quiet workout sessions. Overall, Sole fitness F80 might be a suitable purchase if you need a robust and long-lasting treadmill.

It’s perfect for professionals and all other users who want to maintain an active, fit and healthy life.

Reasons to buy

  • Commercial grade noiseless motor
  • Easy Assist for convenient folding
  • Inbuilt speakers and audio port for entertainment
  • Inbuilt cooling fan
  • Lifetime warranty on deck


Complete Buying Guide

In this section, we are suggesting some factors to help you find the best cushioned treadmill. Consider these points, and you will be able to find the right model as per your requirements.

Design; foldable or not foldable?

Beginners might think that a foldable treadmill might save a lot of space. Yes, it’s right. But, don’t think that a treadmill is easy to move because it’s foldable. Some of the models come with transport wheels, but these fitness machines are extremely heavy and hence, challenging to relocate.

So, do not imagine changing the treadmill’s position every day after finishing your workout session. Fold the running equipment and leave it at the same spot. Don’t get carried away by looking at the foldable frame.


We all know that jogging, running and all other similar activities make impacts on your joints. If you want to enjoy jerk-free workout sessions, then we suggest you try the best cushioned treadmill. Walking exerts minimal pressure, but what if you walk for longer durations?

These are the reasons why it’s better to pick a treadmill that offers some protection for your joints. It’s important to check the treadmill shock absorption abilities. The machine must keep your joints stress-free during physical activities.

Don’t feel afraid to spent a significant amount of money if you are getting a high-quality treadmill shock absorber. If the machine is uncomfortable and painful, then there are chances that you might not prefer using it after few sessions. So, all the investment will be wasted in such a case.

Hence, we suggest that you choose comfort and cushioning instead of picking a low-quality model only because it’s available at a pocket-friendly price. A well-made treadmill can change your workout schedule. So, choose something that can keep you comfortable while working out.

Workout belt:

The next important factor to consider is the tread belt. After reading the best cushioned treadmills reviews, you can easily understand that each model differs when we talk about the running belt. The most common width is 20 inches. Anything above is extra wide. A wide belt is suitable if you are larger than average.

Similarly, the length of the tread belt is also important. It’s better to choose a long belt, especially if you are a professional or prefer a lot of running. The average length of tread belts is 55 inches. But, a model built especially for running and HIIT can go up to 60 inches.

Consider your height as well. For instance, if you are taller than 6 feet, then choose something more than 55 inches long.


You cannot ignore the power source when choosing the best shock absorption treadmill. The motor is one of the most important components of a treadmill because it makes the running machine work. If you forget to check the motor, you might not get the required output.

As you can easily understand, the motor power the tread belt to move forward. So, choose the motor according to your running style and body weight. For instance, if you are a professional who is planning to run faster or practice HIIT on a treadmill, then you need more power.

A mighty engine is also required if you are heavy. Most of the users overlook this factor but do not repeat his mistake. Imagine a motor running at its full capacity for 45 minutes, what will happen? It will ask for mercy and you might not be able to complete the workout session.

Check the horsepower. In the reviews, you will see CHP instead of HP. Continuous horsepower (CHP) shows how much power a motor can generate continuously for the entire duration you are walking, jogging, or running. Find something that has the maximum horsepower within your budget.

Most of the treadmills are available with a motor worth 2 to 5 CHP. High CHP means the treadmill can easily understand demanding workouts. So, suppose you weigh less than 200 pounds. Then, you need at least 3 CHP for walking, jogging, and running. For walking and jogging, you can try a machine with 2.5 CHP. If you are only interested in walking, then a 2.0 CHP model will do the needful.

Try a treadmill with 4.0 CHP if you are training for a marathon. A powerful motor is also essential when more than 1 individual is using the treadmill. If you weigh more than 200 pounds, then add 0.5 CHP to manage your heft.

While checking the motor power, also look for its warranty. Some of the bouncy treadmills offer a lifetime warranty on the motor. If a high-priced model lacks a lifetime warranty on its motor, then it shows poor confidence in the product. Hence, maintenance will be high if you invest in such a running machine.


Walking, jogging, and running on a slope make these activities challenging, and hence, you lose more weight. Moreover, such practices strengthen your lower body. So, it’s better to pick a cushioned treadmill with incline levels. However, there are two types of incline mechanisms available in the treadmills.

Manual and motorized incline are the two options available in treadmills. Manual settings ask you to stop the activity and change the incline. It’s out of fashion nowadays. Still, most of the entry-level low impact treadmills are available with a manual incline mechanism.

On the other hand, an electronic incline changes the position simply by pressing a button. So, choose according to your workout style and budget. However, we suggest that you prefer a motorized incline. Otherwise, you might not be able to enjoy iFit training sessions.

Heart rate monitor:

While working hard to lose weight and build muscles, do not forget your cardiovascular system. You are working on your heart while cutting down the extra fat. But, the pulse sensors can maximize the results.

The cushioned treadmills come with either a heart rate sensor or wireless chest strap. Don’t feel surprised, but wireless readers perform better. Almost all the options we discussed today come with a pulse rate monitor. Even if you browse other models, prefer something that can track your heartbeats.

Frequently Asked Question

Which treadmill has the best cushioning?

The treadmills have a cushioned deck that feels spongy and keeps you comfortable while working out. Moreover, these running machines favor your knees and other joints. Hence, you don’t get injuries that are common when running outdoors.

In general, cushioning is best when you try an expensive treadmill. A best cushioned treadmill deck uses advanced technology in its tread belt and hence, they offer superior shock absorption. Apart from the initial investment, modern fitness machines are better in terms of cushioning.

As we stated, the treadmill shock absorption mechanism keeps your joints safe from the stressful impacts of your workout sessions. So, if we consider this factor then Nautilus T616 and NordicTrack T9.5S are the treadmills with the best cushioning.

What kind of treadmill shock absorption is best?

The treadmill shock absorbers differ according to the make and model. However, the best among them is the model that can maintain the intensity of your workout without sacrificing your comfort.
A shock absorbing treadmill protects your joints and keeps them pain-free. For instance, Nautilus ships most of its treadmill with a StrikeZone cushioning system that offers smooth and jerk-free workout sessions.

Similarly, NordicTrack running machines are available with FlexSelect cushioning. Most of these cushioning mechanism uses rubber grommets placed beneath their tread belts. These components vary in size according to the length of a treadmill.

Some of the best cushioned treadmills have larger grommets in the front to absorb all the tension created by landing. Small grommets are generally fitted in the back to provide a stable and balanced push-off.

You can try the Nautilus T616 or NordicTrack T9.5S for the best experience. Their shock absorption is similar to the suspension system of your car and hence, you don’t feel a lack of energy or early fatigue while working out on these treadmills.

Are cushioned treadmills better?

Jogging, running and HIITs exerts a lot of pressure on your joints. But, a cushioned treadmill reduces all this tension. Hence, you can enjoy pain-free and efficient workout sessions. An effective exercising routine means you can live an active, fit and healthy life.

So, yes, cushioned treadmills are better. On the other hand, if you training for more realistic conditions, then it is better to avoid bouncy treadmills. Professionals perform better when running on non-cushioned treadmills. According to a study, runners can cover more distance with the same energy on a hard surface vs a cushioned treadmill.

Soft treadmills are comfortable and it’s the primary reason why they are popular. So, can try such a running machine to keep yourself healthy, fit and active. But, it’s better to practice on hard running machines or grounds if you are a professional.

What is cushion system in treadmill?

The treadmill shock absorption reduces the jerks that are generated when you walk, jog or run. Hence, you can work out longer without feeling any pain or fatigue. These are reasons why we have included some of the softest treadmills in the reviews.

What is the best treadmill for bad knees?

Jogging and running exert pressure on your knees, especially at high speeds. Hence, these workouts can increase the pain and irritation in your knees. So, if you are dealing with any pain in the knees, then it’s better to walk.

Walking is perfect to cut down all the extra calories and maintain your fitness levels. Choose the best treadmill cushioning system for walking, so that all the additional pressure is absorbed by the tread belt. For instance, Treadmill T616is the best treadmill for bad knees because of its high-quality StrikeZone cushioning.

Final talk

After reading the best cushioned treadmills reviews, you can easily choose the right option depending upon your budget, weight, incline, and other requirements. We have selected all these models after reviewing more than 100 running machines. So, try any of them to start living a fit and healthy life. Stay fit, stay healthy.


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