Stamina Aeropilates 556 vs 557 Comparison & Reviews 2018)

When you have a lot of options to choose from in the market that time choosing a single product is a tough job. That’s why we have shown a product comparison and review to help you decide which one will be the perfect choice.

Stamina Aeropilates 556 vs 557 Comparison Chart

Style NameStamina AeroPilates PRO XP 556Stamina AeroPilates PRO XP 557 (Most Popular)
Product ImageStamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556.Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 557.
Dimensions94L x 23.25W x 15H inches98 x 23.5 x 15 inches
Avg Ratings5.0 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 5 stars
Customer Reviews7 Reviews 113 Reviews
Shipping Weight137 pounds172 pounds
High density foam shoulder padsYesYes
Removable, adjustable footbarYesYes
Silver Cardio Rebounder (14" x 14")YesNo
Elevated built with oakwood trimYesYes
Padded, flared, black platformYesYes
Removable, adjustable footbarYesYes
High density foam shoulder padsYesYes
Black Cardio Rebounder (14" x 19")NoYes
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#1 Pro XP556

This Stamina Pro XP556 is specifically made to aid those who regard workout sessions seriously. It is also for people who desire to have productive pilate and cardio exercises take Pilates.

This Product is eight inches lengthier than standard reformers for the purpose of comfortably accommodating varying heights. This machine a quadruple springs, with varying levels of resistance, which enable users to effectively refine their exercising variations.

This product provides the safest and most effective way of conducting exercises in the absence of an instructor. Persons using this machine will have an easy time using it since it is accompanied by DVDs that contain instructions.

Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 557

A long lasting and sturdy frame with an impressive oak- wood finishing gives this product a classy and edgy look. This Pro 556 is affordable and of a good size.

The modifiable ropes, hand grips and straps are made to comfortably to accommodate any user. This product has a footstool that can be adjusted into three positions.

Moreover, the railings are eight inches longer than standard reformers. This is to accommodate taller users, this Pro 556 has top quality grade wheels to provide a smooth glide.

Technical Features

  • This Pro 556 comes with a free cardio rebounder
  • 8-inches reformers
  • Modifiable footrest, ropes, straps, headrest and handgrips
  • shoulder pads made from high density form
  • Strong steel construction with an oak-wood finishing
  • Rebounder measures 14×19 inches
  • Assembly dimensions 98×23.5×15 (LXWX)

Before buying Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP should be known the accurate knowledge about the product.
Here quoted some information for smooth selection.

What’s in the Box?

  • Stamina Pro XP 556 Reformer
  • one free Cardio Rebounder
  • DVDs for workout sessions
  • Workout DVDs for cardio exercises
  • Fully colored workout chart


  • This Pro 556 reformer comes with a free cardio rebounder for cardio exercises
  • At 8 inches, this machine’s reformers are longer than ordinary ones.
  • It provides a safe and gentle alternative for thorough cardio exercises
  • This reformer is elevated to allow more advanced and challenging workouts and a better range of motion
  • It features four steel springs that provide four levels of intense exercising resistance
  • Extremely smooth rollers and gliders for a safe and sound workout
  • this product can perform about 100 different workout techniques for the purpose of keeping your body in tip top condition.


  • It is a little bit more costly than other exercising machines of a similar calibre
  • This machine is very heavy and can’t be moved easily

#2 Pro XP557

Approximately 80 years ago, Joseph Hurbertus developed this brilliant machine for working out at home or at the office. This product’s exercise system brings flexibility, strength and good posture.

With an intention of building stamina, Pilate’s fitness challenge balance, stamina, flexibility, and stability. This Pro557 makes Pilates physical exercises to be easily performed, and safe while at the same time providing maximum challenge.

This machine’s cardio Rebounder fits properly in the holes at the base of the machine and operates like a trampoline. This feature ensures that users within any fitness group can use the Rebounder safely and effectively.

Workouts for cardio are gentle on your joints and connective tissue. This fitness procedures allows you to attain your target heart rate as effectively as a treadmill would.

You can turn your feet in whatever direction you wish so as to hit different muscles. While at the same time also exercising those hard to access thigh, hip and waist muscles. The Rebounder can be easily taken on and off the reformer without much hassle.

The reformer for this Pro557 is conveniently elevated at 15’’ from the floor to enable the user to conduct more advanced workouts with a better range of motion. The modifiable headrest with shoulder pads made from high density form offer additional support and comfort during your training session.

When using the machine, lay comfortably on the cushion that moves back and forth on quiet ultra-smooth rollers and gliders. Resistance of this machine changes frequently due to its four strong springs. These springs allow you to work up a resistance during your fitness session, as you progress in strength and momentum, adjust resistance for different kinds of exercises and muscle groups

Technical features

  • The Pro 557 has an assembly size of 98’’ x 23.5’’ x 15’’ (LxWxH)
  • This products rebounder measures: 14-inches wide x 19-inches tall
  • Strong and sturdy Aluminium rails assembly with a sleek oak wood finish
  • Eight-inch rails
  • Four steel springs of high quality provide four levels of physical fitness resistance
  • Quiet and smooth rollers with gliders for a safe workouts
  • Flexible headrest and shoulder pads made from the high quality form for additional support and comfort
  • Ropes, straps and hand grips that can be varied to accommodate any user
  • Top quality grade wheels for smooth carriage glide

What’s in the Box?

  • Stamina Pro XP 557 Reformer machine
  • Cardio Rebounder machine
  • exercises DVD
  • DVDs for cardio exercise
  • Fully colored fitness wall chart.


  • Pro XP 557 Reformer comes with a free cardio rebounder exercise machine
  • This Pro XP 557 can handle over 100 different types of exercises
  • The 15-inch elevation allows the user to conduct advanced workouts and enjoy a better range of motion
  • The 8 inches rails which are taller than standard rails which enable tall users to perform drills comfortably.
  • The machine is created for the purpose of ensuring safe and effective cardio exercise


  • The assembly for this machine is quite difficult to assemble and it may take some time to master its adjustments especially for different kinds of exercises.
  • It is slightly more expensive than other physical fitness machines in the market


You can deduce from the above analysis, that both machines are not very different. Their differences are quite subtle. Features of the Pro XP 557 Reformer is slightly more advanced than those of the Pro XP 556. All in all, investing in either one this machines will give you a satisfying drilling experience. A fulfilling experience guarantees you wholesomeness of the body, mind and soul.

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The comparison between Stamina Aeropilates Pro XP 556 & 557 Home Pilates Reformer


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