Best Aeropilates Accessories 2023

Do you want to make the most out of your reformer? Well, you are not alone. Lots of beginners, as well as experts, wants to explore new ideas that can help them to their muscles in an advanced way.

Well, it’s the reason we are here with some of the best AeroPilates accessories that you can try for a better physique and healthy immune system.

Best Aeropilates Accessories in 2023

Accessories NameFeaturesBuying Option
Spine Corrector Barrel• High-quality vinyl and hardwood
• Comfortable Padded
• Enhances your flexibility
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Stamina Mat• Protects floors
• Non-slipping textured built
• Thick & durable foam material
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AeroPilates Kit• Platform handgrip & head pillow
• Machine washable components
• 90 days limited warranty

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Head & Neck Pillow• Easy to clean vinyl cover
• Keep you comfortable
• Hold the pillow in its place
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Stamina Pull-Up Bar• Dimensions: 31" x 4" x 2"
• Lightweight at mere 5 lbs
• Made of long-lasting steel
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Stand 55-4050• 10 inches from the ground
• High-quality steel frame
• Easy to configure
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Solid Yoga Leggings• Comfortable and stylish
• Available in more than 40 colors
• Stretchable and opaque fabric
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Magic Circle• Used with or without a reformer
• Soft rubber for targeted toning
• High quality molded padding
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Double Power Cord• Strengthen core muscles.
• Easy to install
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Workout DVD• Programs included
• Strong and Lean program
• Body, Heart & Mind programs
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Exercise Poster• 24 x 36 in dimensions
• Pilates reformers
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Here are the Best AeroPilates Reformers accessories Reviews in 2023

1. Stamina AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrel

Stamina AeroPilates Spine Corrector Barrel


  • Made of high-quality vinyl and hardwood
  • Padded top to keep you comfortable
  • Improves the posture
  • Enhances your flexibility

Joseph Pilates designs the Spine Corrector Barrel that you can use to restore the spine curve and open your chest. Human muscles weaken as we age, which changes the natural curve of the spine.

The Stamina barrel strengthens your shoulder, back and abdominal muscles to keep your spine naturally in its position. An open chest also straightens your shoulders as well as back.

Apart from that, an open chest keeps your respiratory system healthy, so that you can breathe easily.

Apart from upper body benefits, the barrel also tones your thighs and strengthens your lower back. These are the reasons why this product is preferred in studios all across the globe.

Even the Master Pilates Instructor Romana Kryzanowska’s uses and recommends the Stamina spine corrector.

You can use the barrel in multiple ways to open your chest, strengthen your upper body as well as highs. It includes a 20 minutes workout DVD that explains all the steps that you can perform on the corrector barrel.

The DVD features Romana Kryzanowska and Marjolein Brugman. Both of the elite Aero Pilates trainers demonstrate the first fourteen exercises that you can cover to follow studio workouts.


  • Inbuilt handle helps in multiple workouts
  • Includes workout media for help
  • Allows fresh and deep breaths
  • Enhances your stamina
  • Tones upper as well as lower body parts


  • Not suitable for heavy users


What is the color of its wood?


What is its weight limit?

250 pounds


2. Stamina Equipment Mat

Stamina Equipment Mat


  • Protects hard floors
  • Non-slipping textured built
  • A thick and durable closed foam material

Do you want to extend the life of your Aero Pilates reformer? Try the Stamina Equipment Mat that adds some years to your machine and also protects hard floors, especially wooden ones. The mat absorbs vibration and sound, which is one of its great features if you live in a small house where sound can easily travel to other rooms.

Made of closed-cell foam, the mat is durable and absorbs all the impacts and also prevents dust particles to enter into the mechanical parts of a reformer. Its compatible with any of the Aero Pilates reformer is available at a pocket-friendly price tag. The product is worth a try if you want to invest in something that can make your Pilates session quiet.

The mat has a standard black appearance that matches any of the reformers, other accessories and the interior design of your home gym. So, you can use it any of the reformers or spine corrector barrels.


  • Easy to clean
  • Extends the life of your reformer
  • Match any of the interior décor due to its standard color


  • Some of the users states that it’s too thin for their machine


Does this mat stop the machine from moving?

Once the mat is under an Aero Pilates reformer, it will never allow the machine to slip.

Can I cut the mat?

You can cut the material, but we do not recommend it.


3. Aero Pilates Comfort Kit

AeroPilates Comfort Kit


  • Includes a platform towel, handgrip, and head pillow
  • Machine washable components
  • 90 days limited warranty

If you want to improve the level of comfort while you work out, then try the AeroPilates Comfort Kit. It reduces the inconvenience and gives you high quality and productive workout session, without any irritation. It’s right because the kit includes a head pillow, handgrips, and a platform towel.

The head pillow contours your neck and head, give you a plush headrest and promotes your posture for a comfortable workout. Covered with vinyl, the head pillow is easy to clean and also has a set of bands to maintain its balance.

The handgrips are furry ad keeps you comfortable. Easy to remove and wash, it’s one of the most useful components when you are training the biceps, triceps, and arms.

A towel is its last component that holds well during workouts. It absorbs all the sweat and gives you a moisture-free platform to work out.


  • No slipping and moisture-absorbing towel
  • Headrest to enhance your comfort level
  • Washable handgrips for added convenience
  • Useful accessories for extended workout sessions


  • It’s a useful set for fitness enthusiasts that do not have any negative aspects.


4. Stamina Head and Neck Support Pillow

Stamina Head and Neck Support Pillow


  • Plush and easy-to-clean vinyl cover
  • Padding to keep you comfortable
  • Elastic bands to hold the pillow in its place

Especially drafted for Pilate performers who need some extra support, the Stamina Head & Neck Support Pillow contours the natural curve of the user’s neck.

So, it’s useful to improve spine alignment when you are doing some workouts while lying on the back. Don’t use it when you have to lift your hips higher than the head. Otherwise, the added support might result in unwanted pain and strain.


  • Provides complete comfort and support
  • Foam-filled comfortable product
  • Easy to clean


  • Might not work for individuals with a long neck


What are its dimensions?

10.5 x 6 x 3; length, width and height respectively

Will it fit an old model?

Yes, it’s compatible with all the Aero Pilates reformers


5. AeroPilates by Stamina Pull-Up Bar

Stamina Pull-Up Bar


  • Dimensions: 31″ x 4″ x 2″
  • Lightweight at mere 5 lbs
  • Made of long-lasting steel

Are you trying to get your ideal weight?, Do you want to improve your overall fitness level? Or you are looking only to strengthen some muscles.

Well, you can try this exciting Aeropilates Pull-Up Bar by Stamina to improve muscle power, enhance your flexibility, and lose weight. Yes, you read it right.

In combination with an Aero Pilates reformer, you can use it to discover multiple new exercises for your well-being.


  • Tones your upper body including back, shoulders, triceps, and biceps
  • Useful for most of the exercises wherein you have to move back and forth
  • Easy to attach and detach
  • Padded grips to avoid unwanted slipping


  • Not compatible with 55-5556 and 55-5557 reformers


Can it work as a replacement for a missing foot bar?

It fits the same holes, so you can use it as a foot bar.

What is the diameter of two standing poles? What is the space between them?

The diameter is 1 inch and space between them is 13 5/8 inches.


6. Stamina 55-4050 AeroPilates Medium Stand

AeroPilates Medium Stand


  • Elevates a reformer 10 inches from the ground
  • High-quality steel frame for long-lasting assistance
  • Easy to configure with your reformer

Stamina 55-450 Aeropilates Medium Stand is built to raise your performance by giving you a platform wherein you can perform more Pilates workouts. It is especially available for three-cord reformers that are available with smaller frames.

This stand lifts such a machine 10 inches above the ground, but its legs covered with rubber never allows it to slip. It’s six easy to adjust pull pins make the installation and disassembling an easy task.

Made of steel, the Stamina 55-450 stand has a black appearance that perfectly suits all the workout machines and interior décor. Make sure you check the compatibility with an in-house reformer.


  • Allows you to perform advanced exercises
  • Attachment and removal with the reformers is easy
  • Assembly pins cannot be misplaced


  • Some of the users complain about its stability


Does this stand fold?

No, you cannot fold it.

Can I add wheels to this stand?

No, wheels are not compatible with Stamina 55-4050.


7. Leggings Depot High Waisted Solid Yoga Leggings

High Waisted Solid Yoga Leggings


  • Comfortable and stylish
  • Available in more than 40 colors
  • Stretchable and opaque fabric

One of the best sellers on Amazon, the High Waisted Yoga Leggings is one of the most comfortable workouts wears available to purchase. Its fabric is stretchable, but no see-through allowed.

You can wear it to a Pilates studio, home gym, lounging, and work (only If you style and carry it properly).

Moreover, there are tons of colors and several sizes available to choose from. Looking at the price tag, it’s a product that you can purchase in pairs, but different colors.

Made of spandex and brushed polyester, the yoga leggings are very soft and hence keep you comfortable all the time. You can wear it on any occasion apart from working out on your reformers.


  • Made of buttery soft fabric to keep you comfortable
  • Stretchable in all directions and hence easily fits your lower body
  • High waistband that prevents sagging


  • Not durable enough


Is there a difference between brown and mocha colors?

Yes, mocha is a light color, but brown is comparatively dark.

Does it have elastic at the waistband?

Yes, there is a comfortable and wide waistband.


8. AeroPilates Magic Circle


Pilates Ring - Superior Unbreakable Fitness Magic Circle


  • Can be used with or without a reformer
  • Soft rubber for targeted toning
  • High quality molded padding

The Magic Circle is small but makes a real difference if used every day. Designed by Joseph Pilates, it allows you to indulge in Pilates workouts anytime and everywhere.

Whether you need toning of your muscles or improve your strength, the soft rubber-made ring is useful and provides you with effective results If used properly.

The magic circle makes an impact on the inner/outer thighs’ chest and upper arm. You simply have to change your position according to the included DVD and it can tone both your upper and lower body parts.

The DVD has also some videos that show its versatility and positive impacts on your body.


  • Non-porous and moisture resistant
  • Includes an instructional DVD for assistance
  • Targets multiple muscles areas of your body


  • Resistance is almost negligible


Can I use it for abdominal workouts?

Yes, the magic circle offers some great workouts for your abs.

Can I download the videos available on its DVD?

No such facility is available.


9. Stamina Pilates Double Power Cord

Stamina Yellow Light Cord



  • The addition of the yellow cord allows you to strengthen core muscles.
  • Easy to install

Do you want to maximize the potential of an Aero Pilates reformer? Upgrade its cords for the Stamina Pilates double power cords. Why?

Because it adds up to 40 percent more resistance than the standard ones. So, it helps you to train body muscles harder and gain better strength in a limited time. Installing these cords is easy because the instructions are included.

If you are getting habitual of working out on the same resistance, then the double power cord by Stamina might be the right investment.

You can use it both of them or one at a time, depending upon your fitness level and required resistance. If you are an expert, professional, or simply a fitness enthusiast, the Stamina cords are a great addition to your reformer.


  • A long-lasting elastic chord with plastic knobs for easy fitting
  • Helps you in strength training


  • Tying the cord to a reformer is terrible


Are the cables available in black?

Red is the only color available right now on Amazon.

What is the length of this resistance cord?

The length is 38 inches including its plastic end.


10. Aero Pilates by Stamina Strength & Stamina Workout DVD

Stamina Strength & Stamina Workout DVD


  • Two workout programs included
  • 43 minutes of Strong and Lean program
  • 38 minutes of Body, Heart, and Mind programs

We all know that Aero Pilates increases your stamina and flexibility. Such workouts also assist you in strength training. However, you can do better with an AeroPilates reformer if you know the right techniques and workout steps.

It’s the reason why you can try the Strength & Stamina Workout DVD by Stamina that helps you to tone and build muscles in a better way. The workout programs included in the media is also helpful in weight management and enhance your cardiovascular endurance.

Strong and Lean workout uses cardio to manage your body weight so that you can achieve a lean physique as per your goals. Then the next Body, Heart, and Mind workout enhances your cardiovascular endurance and also tones your muscles.


  • Helpful to maintain overall body strength
  • Helps in weight management
  • Enhances cardiovascular endurance


  • • You will need some of the Pilates accessories to complete all the workouts


Is this media good for 5 chord reformers?

You can use the Strength & Stamina Workout DVD with 5-cord machines.

Do I need a pull-up bar for the workouts on this DVD?

No, the picture on the DVD cover is one of the Pilates exercises that is not included in any of the videos.


11. Balanced Body Exercise Poster, Reformer II

Balanced Body Exercise Poster, Reformer II


  • 24 x 36 in dimensions
  • Suitable for all the Pilates reformers

The Body Exercise Poster samples some of the most common reformer exercises so that you can keep them right in front of your eyes.

You can hang the poster from a wall or keep it in the cabinet as a reference. The poster has 12 exercises that you can include in the daily Pilates session of yours.

No matter you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced Pilates performer, the poster has the exercises to suit your fitness level.


  • Easy to flows Pilates workouts
  • Decorates your home gym
  • Works as a quick reference for beginners


  • Expensive

Beginner tips

  • Choose a reformer and its accessories according to your goals and other requirements
  • When choosing an Aero Pilates reformers or any of the accessories that we discussed today, you need to browse all of them. Choose a machine and related components according to the fitness level and your aim.
  • Always follow the given instructions and listen to your body
  • Maintain proper breathing while working out, inhale and exhale deeply
  • Choose between strength or flexibility, do not get confused
  • Concentrate on the Pilates while working out; switch off your cellphone, clear your mind, and focus on the steps.

Benefits of accessories

  • When used in combination with a reformer, aero Pilates machine accessories help you in strength building. For instance, the Spine Corrector barrel is effective on most of your body parts and gives you better results in a limited timeframe.
  • Accessories for aero Pilates helps to create lean, powerful, and long-lasting muscles. Regular usage strengthens your muscles in such a way that you remain fit, immune, and healthy for a lifetime. Resistance cables and pull up bars are some of such attachments.
  • Aero Pilates reformer accessories enhances your comfort level and keeps you moisture-free so that you can work out for longer. Aero Pilates Comfort Kit and Head and Neck Support Pillow that keeps you comfortable.



Aero Pilates machine and its accessories make it possible to activate your muscles and live a healthy and stress-free life. You only need the right Pilates reformer and related accessories.

Living with correct body form and spine alignment is one of the fundamentals of a successful life. Why wait? Try any of the Pilates reformer accessories that we were discussing today and stay healthy forever.


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