Best Treadmill Accessories 2023

Any of us can use a treadmill because it’s simple fitness equipment. But, numerous accessories can make your workout more convenient and entertaining.

Today, we will talk about some of the best treadmill accessories that are not only crucial for the protection of your floor but also takes care of your water intake.

Let’s begin with the floor mat.

Best Treadmill Accessories in 2023

Accessories NameFeaturesBuying Option
Treadmill Mat• High Density mat
• 2.5-Feet x 5-Feet
• Easy to clean

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Belt Lubricant• Belt lubricant
• Easy to Apply
• Running Smooth
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Laptop desk mount• Up to 17" in screen size
• Platform: 14"wide 11.8" deep
• Desk Thickness: Up to 4"
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Heart Rate Chest Strap• Measures heart rate
• Maximum stretch of 61”
• Data transmission
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Free Water Bottle• 100% BPA & toxin free
• Push button open easily
• Dimensions: 3 x 3 x 11"
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Cooling Towels• Soft both wet & dry.
• Comfortable to skin
• Multiple Colors
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Safety key• Dimensions: 4.3 x 1.8 x 0.4"
• Compatible models
• Braided cord
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Workout Apps & Videos• Perfect coach
• Studio classes
• 2-Year Membership
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Treadmill Cleaning Kit• Easy to use
• Removes dirt
• Prolongs belt life
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Phone Holder• Rubber grip & grooves
• Bar : 0.6–2.0"
• 30 Days money-back
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Reading Rack• Great compact size
• Flat Console
• Almost Unbreakable!
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Bluetooth Headphones• High Fidelity Sound
• IPX7 Waterproof
• Foolproof Operation
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Surge Protector• Total USB Output
• Adjustable Voltage
• Temperature Protection
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Here are the Best accessories for treadmills Review in 2023

Treadmill Mat Amazon

BalanceFrom GoFit High Density Treadmill Mat

A treadmill mat protects your house floor as well as the treadmill. It keeps a wooden surface or carpet safe from the impacts and scratches of the treadmill support legs.

Apart from that, it will also absorb the vibration and extra noise that might arise when you are running. Try the BalanceFrom GoFit High-Density treadmill carpet protector mat if you want.


Belt Lubricant for Treadmill

Treadmill seeks some level of maintenance to live longer. One of the most important components that you need to maintain such fitness equipment is a belt lube.

Belt Lubricant

It gives smooth movement to the wheels as well belt and hence you can enjoy an uninterrupted running session. It’s a cost-effective product but gives you a reliable running surface.

Hence, we recommend you to keep some of them in your home gym. Silicon treadmill lubricant is one of the best rated among other available options, so you can try it for best results.


Laptop Stands for Treadmills

A desk mount can stand in front of your treadmill Laptop desk mountor on the sides, depending upon the requirements. Once set, such a treadmill can hold your notebook and you can also send some e-mails while walking.

Mount-It! MI-4352LT is a versatile option that’s better than a treadmill accessories shelf and can hold notebooks up to 17 inches. Go for it, if you are a professional.


Treadmill Safety Waist Belt Men-Women

Treadmill Safety Waist Belt Men Women

If you are holding the treadmill rails tight in fear of falling, then safety waist belt can offer some peace of mind. No matter what your weight or age is, such an object will keep you safe from falling and any resulting injuries.

Try to Connect Me Tight belt if you are heavy and running in an uncomfortable posture.


Heart Rate Chest Strap

Pulse count is important for a cardio workout. So, a treadmill Heart Rate Chest Strapchest strap is an essential part of your running session, especially if you are doing it to get rid of some heart-related troubles. High-end treadmills come with a chest strap.

However, you can use a chest strap like Polar H7 Bluetooth Tracker with any of the running machines.


Treadmill Water Bottle BPA-Free

Stay hydrated while you sweat on the treadmill with the help of a water bottle that is non-toxic and BPA free. Water intake is BPA-Free Water Bottlenecessary while working out to supply the right amount of oxygen to your muscles and avoid cramps.

Moreover, a BPA free bottle is always better than a disposable one that adds to the landfills.

You can check the Cactaki 32oz water container is a leak-free, refillable and also comes with the time marker.


Cooling Towels for Treadmills

Old school fitness enthusiasts are satisfied with any of the towels during their work out sessions. However, if you want a different level of comfort that also from a towel, then you must try their cooling version.

Cooling Towels

Such a towel is lightweight, soft and keeps you cool as well as comfortable during intense workouts. You only have to soak such a piece of fabric in water and wrap around your neck.

Small things make big differences and a cooling towel is one of the best examples to prove that. Try the Way 2 Cool cooling towel that you can wear in 13 different styles.


Safety key for Treadmill

If you are a beginner, then you must ensure your safety before stepping on a treadmill. Losing balance while running on fitness equipment might lead to serious injuries.

A safety key is the best insurance on a treadmill because it can turn the machine instantly.

You only have to pull it out. Try the Impresa Treadmill Safety Key if your treadmill doesn’t have one.


Treadmill Workout Apps and Videos

Most of the treadmill comes with pre-loaded workout videos and programs. However, not all of them have this feature. So, try a workout app or program that can make things interesting for you in the home gym. iFit is one of the most recommended fitness membership.

You can purchase it if your treadmill is compatible with iFit. If not, you can try an app like BitGym that gives you access to a wide range of workouts.


Treadmill Cleaning Kit

Keep a treadmill clean and maintained if you need uninterrupted performance. Treadmill cleaning kits are of great help for this because they include a cleaning solution, applicator wand, dirt brush, and instructions to use all these items.

You should check the instructions manual to find a anufacturer-branded kit or you can try the NordicTrack Treadmill Accessories kit.


Tablet Holder for Treadmill

Media devices are the best options for motivation as well as entertainment. If you want to use a tablet or smartphone while running on the treadmill, then you can try a treadmill tablet holder like Digital Premium Zip-Grip.

Unlike a tablet tray, it keeps your device secure when the treadmill vibrates while you run or walk. Great for someone who likes treadmill ipad holder. Now you know how to stick the phone to treadmill.


Reading rack for Treadmill

You can distract yourself from the hard work and sweat by reading a book while running or walking. To read a book or watch some digital media on a running machine, you can use a treadmill reading rack like a SourceOne book holder.

It fits over the monitor and holds one of your favorite novels or e-reader.


Bluetooth Headphones or Earbuds for Treadmill

A noise-canceling headset with clear sound keeps you motivated instead of tired. Sport earphones come with a stable design that stays in your ear even if you run at high speeds.

Moreover, they are sweat as well as water-resistant and hence perfect for your workout hour. You can choose a wired or wireless headset.

However, choosing an option with Bluetooth interface is beneficial because the cords can be very irritating while moving legs. So, you can try the Letscom IPX7 that’s sweatproof and works with all your Bluetooth enabled devices including the smartphone, tablet or notebook.


Replacement Belts of Treadmills

Treadmill belt or the tread belt is a durable component, but after regular usage for a long time, it will stretch or even warp. It’s the reason you should keep a replacement tread belt, especially if you are a professional.

If you have a backup belt, then you will never miss a workout session.


Surge Protector for Treadmills

Well, this is something that none of us thinks about. We all know that computers and many other electronic devices need a treadmill surge protector, but a treadmill also seeks one of these protection strips.

If you want to shield your investment from voltage surges, then check the Tripp lite SUPER7B that comes with seven outlets.



We hope that you have a better idea now, about how to add variety to your running hours or how to make your workout interesting. Be clear on your motive and take all the help you need.

Whether it’s the entertainment, comfort or motivation, there should be something that pushes you to run for some extra miles. Find it and include related accessories in your exercises. Stay healthy, live happily.

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