Family Fitness Day | Healthy Activities for the Whole Family

There is nothing as precious as family time. That is why most people cherish family bonding sessions. With the constant busy schedule that most people will find themselves in, family time can become quite limited. Add to that the need to be fit, and you have many things battling for a piece of your limited time.

That is why it is a welcome idea to carry out fitness activities that involve the whole family’s participation. It will not only help you get closer but also keep the whole family happy. Family Fitness day is usually in September. Here are the different ways you can infuse physical activities into everyday family activities.

● Make it a priority

You might have various priorities in life, but physical activity should rank high among these activities. That is the exact reason you need to make it a priority. If you prioritize physical activities, your kids will pick the cue and understand that it is essential.

You can decide to set aside 30minutes every other day or once a week for your family to bond and engage in some physical exercise. You can also choose to go for an after-dinner stroll or have a football match in a park near you. Allow the kids to have a say when you decide to do the family day fun activities.

● Play With Your Children

Play With Your Children

Naturally, children love playing, which is why playing with them will make them happy and strengthen the bond you have with them. That will especially come in handy if you have kids that are too young for organized sports.

You can take them swimming, for a walk in the park or play tag. It will work wonders in how they relate to you.

● Make Some chores a game

Most children are most likely to shun doing chores in favor of playing. That is why it will be a win-win for you to make some chores fun and game-like. Such chores include yard work. You can turn it into an exercise routine by enticingly saying you will give anyone who finishes their portion faster.

That will come in handy, especially in the fall when the leaves cover your yard. You can also use the same tactic for winter tasks such as shoveling the sidewalk or the driveway. Try and encourage the kids to build snow tunnels and forts.

● Scavenger Hunting

If you have older children, then a scavenger hunt would be a great pastime to keep fit. Create a neighborhood scavenger hut by coming up with a list of things players will pick. See who will pick the most and reward them. If your family is still small, inviting friends over will make it more worthwhile.

● Go on a Nature Walk

Thanks to today’s technology, not many of us spend enough time outside. That is why taking a family nature walk will help give you much-needed fresh air and help the family learn something new.
The nature walk should be an exploratory walk that will be as enticing as educating or physical. You can get a book that will teach you and your kids about the local plants and animals.

● Plan a Weekly Game or Game night

If your kids love organized activities, then this will surely interest them. Plan a day where you and the family can engage in a family-friendly volleyball or football game. Take turns to decide the game or activity to undertake every week.

● Practice or Train for an Event Together

Practice or Train for an Event Together

If you are due to compete in an event such as a 5K run or cycling race, train for it with the family. You can even get them to join you if rules permit and help motivate you to prepare for the event.
That is especially if they are charity events. Participating in Physically Active Charity events will be like killing two birds with one stone.

Your family gets to stay healthy while helping contribute to a good cause. That will serve as an excellent source of motivation to join in new events and teach the kids important human values. It will also help bring your family closer.

● Organize a dance session or competition

You don’t have to be good at it to try this. It might be a lot more fun if you or another member of the family don’t know what they are doing. Plan a family dance party and have the kids show you some moves that you probably had no idea they had.

It will also be a chance for you to introduce your kids to some tunes you love. Not to mention that it will strengthen the bond between you and your family and have them lose some weight while at it.

● Walk The Dog Together

Apart from post-dinner walks, walking the dog together is another opportunity for you and your family to exercise. The value of taking regular walks might be understated, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t teach your kids to enjoy them.

Walking the dog together will be a fun activity for you and your family and will add to the list of physically active activities your family can engage in.

● Discreetly Sneak Workouts into Mundane Activities

If you have kids that prefer riding in the trolley while you are at the supermarket, you can have them walk instead. They won’t know it, but it will be a sure way to get some much-needed physical activity.
While at it, teach them the importance of walking as a means to keep fit. They will be glad you showed them that early enough.

Final Thoughts

If you were wondering whether it is possible to include your family in physical activities, the answer is a resounding yes. You will help the family members get fit and build some unity among them. The activities on our list aren’t the only ones you can try out. Be creative and try to come up with more activities to help keep your family fit. All the best.


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  • Updated March 19, 2023
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